Why men must use foundations and Concealers?

Airbrush makeup

Weird, strange, gay; those are simply a couple words some folks say when you mention guys wearing makeup. A couple of men and women consider a guy who wears makeup as not a true man. Well they are mistaken. Amazingly, an increasing number of guys are breaking with this tradition and utilizing Concealers, foundations, anti-aging and skincare products. While women’s cosmetic and skincare sales are increasing at a meager 2-3percent annually, Men’s skin care and cosmetics is increasing at an awesome rate. Some organizations are reporting a 50% increase in male face solutions. At this alarming rate guys all around the world, men are raiding their girlfriend, spouse’s and sister’s cosmetic bags. Men want blemish-free skin, and why not. With the look is everything mindset a man has to confront on a daily basis, looking his best is everything.

Skin Care Wrinkle Concealer

At work, faculty, and in the bar, guys are now finding it easier with all the women too. Lots of women believe a pimple-free, healthy-looking appearance is an important factor if they like a man or not. In many recent polls women were asked if they believed it was a fantastic idea for a guy to put on a foundation or concealer to conceal unwanted red spots and blemishes on a first date. A whopping 75% to 85 percent of women said yes. Does concealer go on before or after foundation? The first impression was that important to them. So if at least 75 percent of those women think making a great first impression is important enough for men to break with tradition and participate in some kind of cosmetic camo grooming, why is it taboo. Well it is other men. They are concerned about what they might say. So guys who do use these products are maintaining it quite and the men that are not are wondering why they cannot get a date.

They laugh and call the men who wear makeup sissies and everything else. But the simple fact is, we guys that are wearing makeup are becoming the girls, while they are sitting on the corner stool of the bar wondering why no girls will speak with them. We are reaping the benefits of a small foundation. It is appearance, look, and appearance. Ladies, when polled, prefer a man who’s over weight, bald, and whatever else you can imagine, instead of one who has acne and blemishes. Having a wonderful face is that significant. So why should a man wear makeup. It is easy, you get more women. And if you don`t believe me, try it. You will be amazed at how many girls will come up to you. I sure was.